CNC milling machine

In the CNC workshop, you can get to know our CNC milling machine, which you can think of as a computer-controlled router. In contrast to the laser, you can use it to mill not only contours, but also recesses (pockets) and even 2.5D free-form surfaces. CNC technology therefore offers you the opportunity to plan your project idea on the PC and create it in the real world with the help of the milling machine.

Attention: CNC currently defective!

Unfortunately, the CNC machine is currently defective and it is not foreseeable until when the problem will be resolved. Although "only" the board is affected here, it appears that the fault is not so easy to rectify or to pinpoint in the first place. We are working on it and as soon as there is something new, it will be announced here.

If you are familiar with this or are interested in helping with troubleshooting, please contact the mailing list using the link below.

Any questions?

Are you interested or do you still have questions?

What is "CNC-compatible design"? What does "2.5D free-form surface" mean? These and other questions are answered in the FAQs!

Information on machine specifications, workable materials or programs recommended by us can be found in the Technology section.

Anyone who would like to mill independently is welcome to contact us via the mailing list.

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