Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide larger quantities of material. However, there is a well-stocked material warehouse with leftover pieces that are freely available.
It is important that the panel is flat and at least 0.1m² in size, otherwise it will not hold on the vacuum table. In addition to wood materials, aluminum, copper, acrylic and other plastics can also be processed.

Milling cutter

As standard, the router is operated with a 6mm wood router bit (maximum immersion depth 21mm), which is suitable for wood-based materials such as plywood/chipboard or solid wood.
For other materials such as MDF, aluminum, copper, acrylic or other plastics, special router bits are required, which are available but may only be used after instruction. Milling cutters in many different sizes are also available for woodworking, but the cutter must be changed by a member of the CNC team.
If you do not want to get into CNC technology yourself or the 6mm wood milling cutter is not sufficient for your project, there is also the possibility that a member of the CNC team will support you with your project.

Processing area

2500 x 1250 x 40mm

File formats

In order to produce a milled object from your project, your drawing must be transferred to VCarve, which can be obtained free of charge from the conglomerate. If you want to use a CAD program or graphics program, all layers must be exported as .dxf/.dwg/.eps/.ai/.skp/.svg files and can then be imported into VCarve.

Recommended programs

To create the milling files:

Vector graphics and CAD programs:

  • OnShape: browser-based, free 3D CAD tool. Strongly oriented towards SolidWorks
  • Fusion360: free 3D CAD tool from Autodesk
  • SolidEdge2D free: free 2D CAD tool from Siemens
  • SketchUp free: free 3D graphics tool
  • Inkscape: free, open source program for creating vector graphics
  • Illustrator: program for creating vector graphics, part of the Adobe CreativeSuite